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The Way We Were

Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford were on Oprah today.  It was their first interview together, 37 years after starring in the classic film The Way We Were.  

For my two cents, today’s program proves that Oprah did not exaggerate when she said that this – the final year for her show – would feature the best programs she has ever broadcast.  When the show goes off the air in 2011, there will certainly be a huge void left by a quality program that is as equally entertaining as it is informative. 

But back to today’s show.  As Oprah interviewed the two stars, scenes from their 1973 romantic/drama were being projected in the background, reminding viewers like me that The Way We Were was, and always will be, one of my favorite tearjerker films.  And the sound track — OMG!    

I own numerous Streisand CDs, several of them include Barbra belting out the title song.  And I am suddenly reminded that I should probably upgrade my VHS copy of the movie to a DVD.  Barbra failed to win the Best Actress award for which she was nominated for that film, but The Way We Were took the Oscar for the Best Music/Original Song.  

If you are a boomer and you never saw the movie (Where the heck were you? There are only two acceptable excuses for you not seeing it – you were among the last U.S. soldiers in Vietnam or you were in jail stateside for social protesting.).  So, if you didn’t see the film back in the day, then rent it and weep.  You will see why it won two of the six Oscars for which it was nominated and numerous other awards, and why baby boomers, particularly women, loved the film.  If you saw it, see it again for old time’s sake.  It will help you remember The Way We Were when the world was a safer, saner, and more civil place.

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A Blast From The Past For Colored Girls

Sometime during the 1970’s, I saw Ntozake Shange’s feminist era play for Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf (sic). The production had an impressive run on Broadway and won a Tony award.  Because of my familiarity with the play, I decided that I had to see Tyler Perry’s movie, because I could not for the life of me figure out how he could dramatize a play comprised primarily of women reciting poetry and create a quality dramatic production. Well, OMG!  I saw the movie and cannot stop saying OMG!  My high-spirited reaction could be the result of having seen the play and being familiar with the script.  Anyone who did not see the play might have a less enthusiastic reaction and they might not understand that some of the lengthy monologue spoken by several of the women in the movie is stanza straight out of the play. But I think that any mature woman who goes to see the movie whether or not she saw the play can definitely relate to some of the characters or knows someone who is like one of the women. Many props to Tyler Perry.  The New York Times review referred to Tyler’s film as “a thunderous storm of a movie.” It is Tyler’s  best movie yet. Two thumbs up for him.  He pulled it off in a big way.