8 responses to “A Celebration of Life”

  1. Bonita Tates

    Velda you eloquently capatured my brothers’ spirit. Thank You Velda and Loretta ‘Well Done’!

  2. Linda Tate

    This is Beautiful…I did not know Akintunde personally, but we were Facebook Friends…I am a very close friend of his sister,Bonita…I always enjoyed seeing his post….Pictures of his beautiful flower garden…his marathons ,his family trips…He was a man full of life…He always was in good spirits, even when he was in the Hospital..I will miss him..RIP Akintunde. I am so sorry for your loss Kim…God Bless You…Praying for you and the entire family..

  3. Brenda A Schroeder

    Mr. A was like a big brother to me. We worked together and shared stories of our other family members for im from Baltimore also. We are proud of our families and we shared pics of the family and grandchildren

  4. Elissa Neal

    Akan was a man of great passion and wisdom. I met Akan through my husband, his cousin Anthony. He talked alot of since even when we didn’t. We was always in debates ( fun debates) I even made up a fun night, and called it, Debate Night just for him and boy ooh boy he was caught in the middle, LOL. Everytime I had a gathering no matter what it was, he was always there, no matter what. Even if it was for an hour, I can recall one super bowl night when we had that big snow and ice, he was the only one there lol. I told him to go home, but of course he stayed for awhile, and then I had to make him leave. So when Kim told us he wasn’t eating and he was mopping around, I didn’t hesitate to go there for the weekend and spend some time with them, he was so happy he ask us to stay one more night, and we did and I cooked and he ate and he talked and he drank and I even teased him because I was getting in a debate with him, and bought this cool Tee Shirt and it said. “I’m not arguing with you I am just proving I am RIGHT. ” We laughed about it. and with that being said I just want to say Akan you are my family, my friend, my inspiration, and my sunshine. You and my Mom shared the same birth month and day, now you both can enjoy it together, I will truly truly miss you. There will be no other like you, REST IN PEACE.

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