Casting Call for Casey Anthony

Are you wondering, as I am, who will play the role of Casey Anthony when the movie is made about the woman who television host and former prosecutor, Nancy Grace, nicknamed Tot Mom? Anthony is the Florida woman who is currently on trial for allegedly murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee. We know there will be a movie. I can’t think of a court case that has garnered so much publicity since the OJ Simpson trial. He got a movie.

And didn’t Lifetime recently air a couple of films about Natalee Holloway, the student who disappeared in Aruba while on a high school graduation trip? There was even a movie made about Joran van der Sloot. He is the alleged killer of Holloway. By the way, he has reportedly impregnated his girlfriend while being held in a Peruvian jail on charges of murdering another young woman, Stephany Flores, five years to the day that Natalee disappeared. Can you believe that guy got conjugal visits? Can you believe that any woman in her right mind would trust getting that close to him?

My guess is that Lindsay Lohan might be a good candidate to play Anthony. And if Lohan happens to be inajailable, er, I mean unavailable, then maybe Katie Holmes would be offered the part. Lifetime probably has scriptwriters working feverously right this moment on the screenplay for “The Casey Anthony Story.” Unfortunately, real life dramas often provide better screen presentations than mock “reality” shows.

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