2 responses to “Exposing the Faces on Facebook”

  1. Felicia

    Although I have a Facebook page, I still haven’t joined the Facebook party. Your observations are spot on. The one issue I have with Facebook is not so much what I put on my page (which is little to nothing), but the ability to track information from people I know.

    One day I spent some time on Facebook and found out too much information on people I barely knew. Facebook, even with all of its privacy features, still leaves a very easy to follow trail. Unfortunately, too many young people share too much information. Even if one person is careful about the information she provides, friends aren’t always so careful.

    I’ve seen situations where teens have mentioned information like, “We’re going on vacation on X date and will return on Y date.” Or, things like “Sally and I are going to the park behind the school at 3:00.” Such info wouldn’t be so bad if the chatty teen’s profile had not listed her school name and location along with other demographic info.

    Additionally, the importance of getting “likes” from strangers has surpassed getting likes from real live people they know. Let’s face it, a self-taken photo (selfie) of teen girls in a seductive lips-pursed pose are all over Facebook. The more likes they get, the more such poses are posted.

    Used responsibly, Facebook is a wonderful tool. It’s great for keeping in touch with friends and family or even finding long lost friends. I just wish our young folks would practice more restraint while using it.

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