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  1. itsnotabandwagon

    It is interesting that you would write this so soon after a murderous attack on people living their lives who just happened to be LGBT–do you not realize that with your “opinions”, you also have their blood on your hands? They are no less than you, no less deserving of you seeing them and their humanity than the people you ‘get’ or are comfortable with and are not here to be subject to your judgment and opinions any more than anyone else you encounter . Yet, because society is filled of people with “your” opinions, they can’t even donate blood to help those who were injured as a result of these “opinions”
    Why does a society where people who aren’t hurting people can live their lives and their truths scare you so much?

    Your bible condones so many horrible things (slavery, homophobia, misogyny, violence, etc) and considers so many things abominations (foods, fabrics, planting things in the wrong places, and more), that it’s remarkable that you would choose to focus on LGBT individuals to be subject to your “opinions” based on your biblical upbringing. How many abominations are you guilty of just today?
    I’m glad that black people are no longer subject to the opinions of white people who thought they should be obedient slaves (the bible does support this idea) and were less than people. There is a reason that people who think like this no longer feel comfortable expressing their ‘opinions’ in public. I hope people will always feel comfortable calling them out about it when they do.

    Opinions don’t stop in your head–they influence your actions, how you vote, how you live…and ultimately how other people live (and die). Especially when you feel you have a right to express them no matter what and people should just nod and smile. They can be dangerous and on issues like this, no one has to be ‘tolerant’ of opinions that literally threaten lives–you want a pass for your bigoted opinions and, like many, will hide behind your bible–a fantastical, man-made creation; but a bigoted opinion is still a bigoted opinion. and it is hypocritical to pretend that it is akin to simply having a conversation about whether you prefer ketchup or mustard on your hot dog.

    no one is telling you to get on a bandwagon, just own your bigotry the same way you would expect a white person whose opinion it is that black people shouldn’t be able to drink out of the same water fountain as they, all while exclaiming ‘but i’m not a racist, i’m just entitled to my opinion’.

    Your thought process is a dangerous one.
    Also, stop focusing so much on transgendered peoples’ genitalia–you don’t have to have “sexual reassignment surgery” to be trans. It would do you well to learn about trans people and their lives and struggles before you form an opinion about what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to do.

  2. Nana

    If this were another time and place, maybe an expression of an opinion would be justly accepted for what it is, an opinion. As far as I’m concerned, the bandwagon left long before Facebook’s arrival or the internet’s present form. There is no way I would venture to write such a post, for
    or/against, such a hotly debated topic. My hat’s off to you, once again, for your bravery.

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