Try to Remember

Boomers, who among us hasn’t at some time or another reached for the remote control, planning to turn on the TV news and then, exclaiming “Enough already!” decided not to do it, because you are sick and tired of receiving bad news?  

I know sometimes I feel that it is just too much to even think about the condition of today’s world with its incalculable horrendous crimes and widespread incivility. A US News & World Report article is definitely on target when it states that Americans feel their country has reached an ill-mannered watershed.”

Granted, in our youth we, Boomers, had numerous counter culture and political movements, even so today’s state of affairs isn’t exactly déjà vu. It’s more like tens times ten multipied.

During the so-called turbulent sixties and disco seventies, many conscientious Boomers involved ourselves in trying to change America for the better by participating in non-violent protests or other peaceful forms of civil disobedience against segregation and the Vietnam War. On the other hand, some activist groups opted for more forceful and sometimes violent forms of rebellion – in response to the resistance to social change – by rioting in various cities throughout the nation, and protesting at political forums like the 1968 Democratic National Convention.  

When we look at today’s environmental devastation, and the social and economic chaos, it seems like we have crossed the point of no return. Just as Boomers remember outstanding events from our yesteryears, years from now Gen Xer’s will recall that their generation also was cursed with warfare — in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Additionally, they also have had their shae of protest activities including the current Occupy Wall Street movement.

Many Boomers are in the September of our life and sometimes we nostalgics want nothing more that to take a time out and reflect on the bygone days, while wishing for peace and harmony in the present, because we know that life is fleeting and time is so much shorter than we realize.How unfortunate that we the world situation requires that we are constantly looking over our shoulder when we are outside, and checking to make sure the windows and doors are secured when we are at home. Compared to the present world order, ours really were the good old days.

To paraphase an old Mickey D commercial, if you feel you deserve a break today — like right now — take one. Enjoy a few seconds, a brief respite, from the hustle and bustle of life. Relax, calm your mind, and listen to the soothing out the words of the Brothers Four, Try to Remember . . . .

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