2 responses to “Busting Loose – Shh! For Women Only”

  1. Sydney Ross Singer

    I think you missed the point about the cancer link. This is more important than the image issue you address. This link is being deliberately ignored and suppressed by the NCI, ACS, Komen, and other mainstream cancer interests. They refuse to research this issue, and it is killing women. Why? See my article “Bras and the Breast Cancer Cover-Up” on my website killerculture dot com.

    When you realize that the chronic constriction from bras is the leading cause of breast cancer, the bra image issue is irrelevant.

    Btw, bras cause the droopy breasts you abhor. Reliance on a harness (bra) to hold up the breasts makes the natural suspensory ligaments atrophy.

    Bottom line — bra-free is much better than breast-free.

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