Remembering Christmases Past

There is no other season that makes me long for the good old days like Christmastime. Compared to the chaotic, anti-religious period that we live in now, Christmas season during the sixties seemed a bit more civil and so much merrier. And, oh how well I remember Christmas when I was a child.


I remember the gifts that my parents set beneath the Christmas tree

Toys, new clothes, and goodie bags all for my siblings and me

One year there was a set of drums, a bowling set, and Twister

A tin doll house and a doctor’s kit for me and my little sister

Some years we each got roller skates and a game like Candyland

Things that today’s techie children just would not understand

There were boxing gloves, Tonka trucks, and GI Joe for the boys

Because of finances our Christmases did not always bring lots of toys

But we had a loving family and with the joy that Christmas brings

Our bond was more important than any of the material things

I so enjoyed the sweet music from Christmases in the past

It’s just too bad that those good old days did not last, and last, and last

This season also makes me remember Christmas music played at the rink

I roller skated to Booker T and the MGs, but now they play Nsynch 

Before I go off on a nostalgic tangent, I’m going to stop right here

And wish all my readers Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

My gift to you is this beautiful Motown Christmas blast from the past. 

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