2 responses to “Tabloid Talk Shows and the People They Love”

  1. Velda Holmes

    For some, 15 minutes of fame is just enough. There have been many reality shows where participants have break out “celebrities” Bethany from one of the Real Housewives shows—NY, I believe. She got a talk show. Nene from the RHOA is now on Dancing with the Stars and had a part on a show, The New Normal (?). Forgive me, I don’t watch those shows. Those with “stars” in their eyes think, “I can do that and do it better, just wait tell they get a load of me.” Acting out brings attention to you and from there it’s your show. All eyes are on you. Dare I say Kim K.? or even Paris H? There was no particular talent and not much intelligent speech there from either one. In this “dumb down” age of television, the crazier you can act, the better the rating…unfortunately that translates to “celebrity” So let’s say, you are in between jobs (wink wink), what is there to lose? You received a nice overnight stay and a trip on a plane and a chance to be on TV…Hot Dang!…you have arrived. My two cents!

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