Reasoning the Why?

Do you ever feel that life is just one huge medley of question marks? It isn’t only the who, what, when, and where that haunts us, but those everlasting why’s seem to dominate. How often do we wonder why? Why this? Why that?  Trying to learn the underlying reasons for major occurrences in our life make some whys important to us. On the other hand, there are the insignificant whys that simply raise our curiosity. For instance . . . 

Why are TV reality programs called reality shows when they are not? Take for instance the so-called real housewives of Anycity, USA. Why don’t they represent?  Because they are phonies. We know real housewives and those dressed-to-the-nines and ghetto fabulous drama queens are not real housewives. And let’s be for real who – except perhaps a prisoner on suicide watch or a video voyeurism victim — has a camera trained on them 24/7?  Hmm? Are you thinking what I’m thinking – that even reality show performers take some off-air privacy breaks? Certainly, no normal person would willingly do everything in front of the camera. Let me emphasize normal person

Here’s a two-for question for you. Why own a smartphone and do you have to be smart to use one? Some folk would wager that you don’t have to be brainy to use a smartphone, but that’s debatable. And consider this:  by the time you identify all of those cute little app icons and learn what they will do — under the command of your finger — and what they won’t, Apple will have advanced the iPhone number to the next digit. That tempts people who are hooked on having the latest smartphone to buy a new one and start learning all over again. And that begs the question — who’s smarter? And speaking of Apple, here is another why for you. Why aren’t any of those iGadgets called a myPhone, myPod or myPad?    

Why did Parade/OMG magazine run a Pop Culture poll asking anyone who cared, to choose from a list of six names and identify “the most annoying celebrity of 2011?” In case anyone is interested the winner chosen over Charlie Sheen, Snooki, Linda Lohan, Donald Trump and Brad Womack was (drum roll) Kim Kardashian. Why not?

Why do pharmacists put child proof lids on prescriptions for adults?

Why do some people of both genders bath themselves in so much cologne that you can smell them coming before you see them?

Why are earthquakes not called earthshakes?

Who except a free spirited blogger, who is temporarily lacking a substantial topic, would fill this page by asking silly, open-ended questions? What would possess one to do such a thing? When did the notion strike her? Where did she get such an idea to write such a ridiculous post? Why, if you thought it was so ridiculous did you read it to the end? Gotcha!

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