3 responses to “Resistance to Change: A Baby Boomer’s Perspective on Computers and the Internet”

  1. Felicia

    Spot on observation as usual, Loretta. I remember when I started paying bills online in the early 1990’s many of my peers thought I as crazy. They were concerned about “someone” accessing my information. It’s funny how they all go to a restaurant and hand their credit cards over to the waiter/waitress without worrying about “someone” accessing their information.

    I’ve been paying bills online for about 20 years now and the only screw up that occurred was my own fault. I paid my mortgage company twice which really did a number on my bank balance.

    What people fail to realize is that the computer brings with it a whole new level of employment. Sort of like the transition from horse and buggy to cars. Labor-intensive jobs such as shoveling horse poop may have gone by the wayside, but the need to keep the new horseless buggies cleaned presented new car washing opportunities. Unfortunately, too many of us, as you point out, want things to remain the same so we don’t see these opportunities.

    I admit there are times when I balk at change. Fortunately change comes in a variety of flavors so I can pick and choose the flavors that work best for me. I look forward to reading more RTC posts.

  2. Kyle M Brown

    Great article on a topic that seems to be relevant at all times in one way or another. Being in the tech industry, this reminds me of countless instances over the years, where decisions were made based on what had been done in the past instead of what needed to been done to move forward.

    I think part says it all, “Change will never be embraced by everyone, nor will resistance to change prevent it. Like it or not — change happens; so the sensible thing to do would be to accept and enjoy it.”

    Looking forward to the following articles on this subject.

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