5 responses to “Resistance to Change: Baby Boomers Thrashing in the Digital Pool — Part II or II”

  1. Kyle

    Really glad that you like your Kindle Fire.

  2. Felicia

    Wow, one heck of a review and a thumbs up for the Kindle reader. I’m still stuck in the Stone Age.

    I recently downloaded my library history and found that in the past 4 years I read a little over 200 books. The 200 books consisted of both hard cover and audio books. In addition to being a frequent visitor to the library, I also purchase books when I can’t get them at the library. I’d say I purchase an average of one book every other month.

    Being an avid reader, I’ve toyed with the decision to purchase an electronic reader, but that’s as far as it went. There’s something soothing to my soul when I look at a bookshelf of books to read. I sometimes purchase books that I know I can’t read within the next 30 days only so that I’ll have something to look forward to reading when I look on my bookshelf. I don’t get that same visceral feeling when I look at electronic titles on a hand held device.

    I know electronic readers have many advantages and I’m probably missing out. I’m probably one of the last weirdos that truly enjoy the entire process of book reading. There’s something about actually visiting a library or bookstore that I find relaxing. Maybe it’s because my local library is the 6th oldest one in my state and it has such historic charm. Or, maybe it’s because I get a kick out of seeing little readers discover the joy of reading. Or, maybe it’s because I know I’m about to select a mini-adventure to keep me occupied for the next 3 weeks.

    Electronic readers are efficient and have lots of bells and whistles, but my reading adventure begins way before I actually sit down to read or plug earphones in my ears to listen. And…it wasn’t until I read your post and decided to comment that I realized just how much I enjoyed the process.

    BTW, just got an email from my local library. One of the books I requested just came in. LOL!

  3. Kyle

    Being in the tech industry for many years and serving as the buffer between people that need assistance with technology and technology itself, I’ve noticed an interesting trend.

    That is the either or position that people seem to feel that they must take in regards to technology or something new.

    Fact is, that paper books will probably be with us til the end of time. Just as TV didn’t make the radio disappear and phones have not stopped people from talking face to face.

    Books and e-readers (The Kindle) can and will co exist. There are pros and cons to both. However, producing digital books are much less costly than producing paper books.

    So inevitably, that will mean fewer paper books going forward.


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