4 responses to “An Unforgettable Night at the Family Reunion”

  1. Velda

    I would have been up all night! You probably could have come back to the “meet and greet”, some of us were STILL up. The 60th Parker reunion was awsome. To my knowledge, we have never had one where there was bickering or cops! This was our 2nd “destination” reunion. 58 years have always been in NC. Va was a natural choice because so many of our relatives migrated there. Including Uncle Allen and Nathaniel. We could not have ordered better weather. To continue and expand the reunion is our goal…looking for family who don’t yet know we exist. This year we had 4 people who had never attended a reunion. It was great..they all said they want to attend next year! Expanding the legacy and the love. In fact, a new baby is on the way in March (Sharon is going to be a grandma), can’t wait to put my eyes on him and leave memories so he will know the Parker family. So very good to see you, cousin. “Let’s do it again”

  2. Patricia Moore

    I wonder why you didn’t share that story about the door when we were walking 🤔
    We would have teased you forever!🤣 Our time together was short but so much fun!’
    I thank God for blessing us with a beautiful weekend of family love and fellowship .🙏🏽😃
    I enjoyed reading your blog and you hav a special gift for writing .👏🏾👏🏾
    We will continue to be in contact with each other through social media and treasure our family bond.
    Until we meet again, nothing but LOVE for you cousin !😃😍👍🏽🙏🏽

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