4 responses to “Oh, What A Tangled Head We Weave”

  1. Felicia

    Oh Loretta!

    I had to take a moment. When I received notification of your new post, I was on my way out to eat. Food be danged! Your title was so enticing that I had to read it on an empty stomach! I said to my hubby and daughter, “I’ve got to stop and read this because Loretta and I have similar views on so many things, if she’s getting a weave, I’ve got to read this!”

    Like you, I’m a natural gal. I did purchase 2 or 3 wigs, but wore only one of them once. It just wasn’t comfortable. Having worn my hair short (I mean brain exposure short), I understand the desire to switch up hairstyles from time to time. Your foray into the weave world took me by surprise, but I do understand (BTW, I LOVE the braids shown in the photo).

    As you know I’m now sporting locs (they’re not dreadful so I prefer not to say dreadlocks). From time to time I have fantasies of shaving my hair off, but I told my family that I’d stick it out at least until they’re all even at shoulder length.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my short, crazy, unruly and disrespectful locs, but after having a short ‘fro for decades, it’s something to get used to. Unlike the confinement of a weave, my hair and scalp are free. When I feel the need to switch up, I reach into the closet and pull out one of my many scarves/wraps. From headband to full head wrap, they’ve become my “switch up hairstyles.”

    BTW, if interested, here’s an interesting read on head wraps: http://char.txa.cornell.edu/griebel.htm

    I applaud your experimentation with weaves. Now that you’ve done it…I don’t have to. 🙂

  2. Patricia Moore

    Different strokes for different folks! You were beautiful in your short experiment! Natural hair has become a very common fad but still requires work and great care! It’s whatever the person feels comfortable with maintaining. As for me, I started to experience hereditary thinning and tried weaves but too tight and itchy. I love wigs and the luxury of changing styles and allowing scalp to breathe as necessary or desired. For sure, either way we both are beautiful inside and outside!👍🏽😃

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