8 responses to “Reeling from Drugstore Sticker Shock”

  1. Felicia

    $600! You win the highest priced pharmaceutical prize. That’s outrageous!

    I was taken aback when I went to fill one of my husband’s prescriptions and they told me it would cost $200! I sat there for a moment and pondered whether or not his pain was really that bad. I reluctantly handed over the credit card.

    As for me, I use essential oils, herbs, salves, nutrition and all of the other remedies our grandmothers used to concoct for us. I find them to be cheaper and without side effects.

    We have been conditioned to trust the doctors and their drugs. If only we, as a society, would slow down and do the research. We’d find that our grandparents were onto something. It would also loosen big pharma’s stronghold on us.

    *Quick step up on the soapbox* Your rash is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Topical creams are great to relieve the symptom, but unless you address the root cause (which isn’t always easy to diagnose), it’s a temporary fix. *Stepping down from the soapbox*

    Sorry Loretta, sometimes I just can’t help myself. The current state of our “dis-ease care” is a sore topic for me.

  2. Velda L Holmes

    Aquaphor is my “go to” cream after Neosporin
    My grandson’s doctor recommended it when he had a skin burn. Works wonders. In your case, a $600.00 wonder. The person you should “eye ball” is that dermitologist. (What sort of kick back is she/he getting for prescribing that medication knowing full well the average patient will NEVER fill it?) What an experience. On another note, how sad to have no insurance and really need the medicine prescribed. It’s an issue that needs addressing

  3. Nana

    Great piece! Timely!

  4. Patricia Moore

    Hi Loretta😃
    Enjoyed reading your blog and can definitely relate to the disgusting high cost of drugs! I take an oral medication for diabetes and was so alarmed when I saw the cost without insurance was over $1400 for 90 days. With my insurance I paid $80 for 90 days. I told the pharmacist how ridiculous the cost of that medication.😡 My thoughts and concerns are about all the people who do not have health insurance .🤔 I think they go without and make serious choices to purchase or pay for necessary costs like rent, food, light bills! Our government needs to get this situation with outlandish drug prices under control because I believe people are suffering daily because of this injustice on our society!

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