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  1. Kyle M Brown

    Your grandson did this as well a while back with an electronic gaming device – not a cell phone. Thankfully we dried it out by using a technique that often works for all electronics that get wet.

    Which is to simply turn it off immediately and do not power it back on until a day or so. Most of the time what happens is the water will dry up – inside – and present no further issues. The challenge most people have in this case is that when an electronic device is both wet and on, it starts shorting out the components and once that happens, it’s usually over.

    You see, I told you that the cloud was for more than rain.

  2. Vanessa Staton

    1st thing I said b4 finishing the post was, ” she didn’t leave it in the rice long enough. ” so with that said I guess you can tell this has happened to me. But, for new, it wasn’t a pocket but my bra. Yep, I carry everything in there, ( got no boobs to fill it out, gotta use something). Anyway, standing over commode reached over to get qtips and blip, slipped out with a big splash. The rice worked for me.

  3. Velda L Holmes

    Im cured. I will not take my phone in the bathroom ever again!

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