8 responses to “Planting Memories”

  1. Felicia

    What a thoughtful gift from your daughter. It’s interesting how plants can bring back so many memories.

    Of course, your post made me think of my parents. My mom cultivated a green thumb. Her plants thrived. So much so that 16 years after her death, I still tend to her plants and they’re thriving in my house. However, it was my father who was born with a green thumb. All he had to do was walk into a room and I swear the plants perked up. LOL.

  2. Beverly A Harper

    Wow ! Reshared on my timeline for the world to see Alright Now

  3. Patricia Moore

    How precious are the memories! Enjoyed reading your blog as usual. My mommy had a snake plant Also!🙄😃😃🥰

  4. Velda holmes

    How thoughtful to share your memories with the world. My grandmother had one. My aunt Ruby, too. Loved them both so very much. Your memories triggered some of my own. I have a couple of plants in the house now (not snake) I do hope my legacy will look back on my efforts (some nearly perished) and remember fondly as we do. Thanks for this lovely article.

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